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Guide Anatomy

Learning Templates for staff and board members.

The Committee Responsibilities guide clarifies responsibilities, authority, recommendations, smart practices, trends, and risk avoidance.

Techniques to improve governance and management of associations, chambers, and nonprofit Organizations.

Serving on the Board of Directors is a rewarding and important responsibility. This guide informs leaders of the unique aspects associated with governing a volunteer membership organization.

What is the difference between renting, Owning and being in a Cooperative.

The core documents to maintain a nonprofit organization.

This guide is designed for use by cooperative housing boards of directors, resident members, and co-op partners. It defines what a cooperative is, highlights the history of the cooperative movement, explains how co-ops are managed and governed, and explores what Co-op members can do to recognize and provides guidelines that allow the best elements of cooperation.

Duties and Responsibility and boards responsibility

Apartments understand that residents and approved residents can make modifications as necessary to be able to occupy the premises of an individual unit.

You can’t take everything with you, but the following are suggestions about how long you should keep business and personal records on file:

Organizations with a good strategic plan are more successful. The plan provides a roadmap for leadership and staff. They work as a team to achieve consistent goals over several years.

The concept of board governance is vague. Directors may find themselves on boards but their knowledge of good governance is limited. This guide offers smart practices and takes governance from good to great.

Risk management includes awareness of potential risks, avoidance or mitigation of the risks, and continuous monitoring.

This plan is meant to address extraordinary circumstances that threaten lives and property. The operations and procedures outlined herein describe the measures that will be undertaken to prepare for and respond to any emergency.

Sample template for long range planning

This publication is designed to help experienced and inexperienced leaders and members conduct high-quality and efficient meetings and guide them in organizational structure and functions.

Parliamentary procedure is a set of rules for conducting business at meetings and public gatherings.


Simplified Chart of Parliamentary Motions- Move it, amend it, and refer it or postpone it or vote on it.

this sample of a marketing plan outline is intended as an example only, all plans are designed to property and owner specific criteria

this sample marketing Evaluation is intended as an example only, all plans are designed to property and owner specific criteria

Request for proposal and statement of qualifications for audit service

Request for proposal and statement of qualifications for legal service

Request for proposal and statement of qualifications for Management service

Sample form for evaluation of marketing.

Sample excel form for evaluation of marketing.


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