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An annual general meeting or AGM is a formal meeting held once a year. Whether it is legally required for a co-operative to hold an AGM will depend on the ‘Act’ it is registered under. Co-operatives are democratically owned and controlled by their members and general meetings are a method by which members can participate in their co-op’s governance and hold the board to account. It is good practice to hold an AGM even where the law permits a cooperative to forgo it. Each cooperative should have a section within its governing document that sets out how the AGM should be organized and run and what matters should be dealt with. It is useful for a cooperative to develop a set of standing orders to provide more detail about specific arrangements for general meetings. A good governing document will provide details on the following key points around the AGM.


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Annual general meetings

The annual general meeting (AGM) is one of the primary ways members can participate in the democracy of a co‑operative and is, therefore, a significant event in the calendar. This short document is a good governance guide to preparing and staging a successful AGM and also covers follow-up activity plus a series of helpful hints and tips. This is one element of an extensive suite of guides designed to improve any given co-operative’s governance.

Annual Election during the COVID‐19 times.

We will go over what is required and best practices. I will use our experience with Cumberland Green Cooperatives Annual Meeting to share with you. It is a generally accepted cornerstone of sound corporate governance that shareholder participation is a key component of a successful annual meeting. State laws require companies to hold annual meetings of their shareholders to elect directors and act upon other matters properly brought before the meeting.

Board Room Blahs

Ever end a board meeting wondering if it was worth the time? Do the minutes show innovation and decisiveness to advance the mission and goals?

Missing In Action : Board Meeting Attendance

1Sitting in the Shadyspot Community Center boardroom, Juan, Sylvia, and Monika were fed up. Where were the other eight board members? Stefan, the board chair, should have called the meeting to order 15 minutes ago, but there were not enough individuals present to make a quorum. Juan, Sylvia, and Monika looked at each other, rolling their eyes. They were the only ones who could be counted on to attend each and every monthly meeting.

Annual Meeting Checklist

Annual Meeting Checklist

Ways to Make The Most Of Annual Meetings

Annual meetingd are important events in the life of an association, and making the most of them takes careful planning.

How to Solve The Biggest Problem With Annual Meetings

Does your board have trouble with homeowner attendence at your annual meeting? You are not alone!

Make More Out Of Meeting

Seminars and conferences are great opportunities for learning.T hey offer information that is timely - and make you evaluate information in terms of how it applies to you. Here are some guidelines to maximize the benefits of attendance:

8 Ways to Increase Attendance & Encourage Participation

Annual meetings are a very important (and required) event for all HOAs. It’s the time to elect new board members, review the budget and discuss the general state of the community, but often times, despite the value of the event, getting community members to show up to the meeting can be challenging.

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