How do we keep directors engaged? “They lose steam. A few quit coming to meetings.  The passion they expressed has waned,” are frequent complaints. The problem may run deeper than engagement. Board satisfaction is often correlated to engagement. A board member who loses interest may be dissatisfied with the organization or their leadership role. With 1.5 million nonprofit boards in the US, many struggle to attract and engage good leaders. 


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Better Engaged Boards

How do we keep directors engaged? "They lose steam. A few quit commig to meetings.  The passion they expressed has waned," are frequent complaints. The problem may run deeper than engagement.

4 Ways Gossip Hurts Your Community

Gossip is harmful in all organizations and community associations are no exception.

5 Professional Cover Letter Templates

That’s why we put together five cover letter templates designed to serve as a starting point for your efforts. With the flexibility to tailor each template to your unique experience, you’re bound to save yourself time and energy in the writing process – time that you can reallocate towards preparing for the slew of interviews you’re sure to land.


Each community association board is unique, and so are the needs of their respective communities. Whether you live in a townhouse, master-planned community, or a high-rise, one fact remains the same: a community is only as strong as its community association board.

Create an Elevator Speech

Developing an elevator speech drives an organization to consider the best way to communicate key information. In a minute or two you want to introduce yourself, describe the organization and grab the attention of the listener.

Demonstrate Strength in Uncertain Times

Now is the time to demonstrate strength, leadership and strategy. Members expect to hear confidence and solutions from their association. Associations have always been resilient, during wars, recessions and crisis. Boards and staff should portray a positive, “can-do” attitude.

Asking Necessary Questions

This report provides questions that directors need to ask in carrying out their responsibilities. The questions pertain to a host of issues and circumstances confronting directors. They are intended to remind and educate directors about the types of information they need to glean from cooperative management, staff, auditors, members, other directors, and from various outside contacts to effectively carry out their duties.

Listen More, Talk Less

When I was Asked which skill was the most essential for Board Members. I had an immediate Consideration for one i thought they should definitely master: Listening.

Top 10 Board Questions 1 page chart

By knowing the most common questions asked by volunteer leaders, it helps nonprofit organization staff create an effective orientation process and leadership manual.

Four Quick Tips To Improve Your Boards Letters and Reports

Community associations Board Members spend a lot of time communicating

Transparency on the Board

Last year a member of the board gave his entire meeting packet to a vendor associated with the industry. It included a financial report, roster of members, a member grievance and confidential proposals. When asked why, he said, “We’re nonprofit, we have to share the information.”

How To Improve Board Communications

Effective communication may be the single most important tool available to the board of Directors to promote a positive and cooperative spirit.

Listen to the Board

Orientation is the process of delivering information to the board of directors. Generally the directors listen and ask questions about their responsibilities. Frequently their questions reveal concerns. At a recent orientation, the questions led to opportunities for improving governance.

New on the Board? Ask Questions

Joining a board of directors is an exciting experience. It is an opportunity to lead and to serve, a chance to advance a mission or cause. But directors with minimal experience in governing often don’t know what to ask.

Successful Association KPIs

From there passion takes over. An idea turns into something that sounds good that might pass without much knowledge based discussion. Or “group think” presides, with people supporting the idea because they thought everyone was in favor.

Risky Business; Avoiding Association Hazards

To foster a spirit of camaraderie and to avoid the appearance of recruitment, no nametags or clothing with company logos will be allowed in courses offered for continuing education credit through the Georgia Association of REALTORS® School.

Board Terminology

Board service requires an understanding of the terminology related to governance, meetings and legal requirements. Board Terminology provides definitions to the often-heard terms.

5 Essential Terms New Board Members Need To Know

Whether you're a new member of your community associations Board of Directors or you've served for years being familar with the basic terminology is essential to the success of your role.

W.A.I.T., Why am I Talking?

Board meetings are platforms for conversation and deliberation. The room is set so directors can see, listen and converse with each other. An agenda keeps the discussions moving forward to achieve the desired outcomes.

Board Communication Best Practices

Board Members use many modes of communication: in-person meetings, email, texting, phone calls ... some Board Members even find themselves talking about co-op business at the grocery store check-out line. Boards can go a long way to improve communication by learning how to prioritize discussion topics and use modes of communication that are most appropriate for the topic or issue at hand. This handout provides a short list of questions Board Members should ask themselves before communicating.

Everything I Need to Know for Board Service I Learned in Kindergarten

A highlight of one’s professional career is serving as an officer or member of a board of directors. However, while it is an honor the distinction carries with it significant obligations.

The Board’s Best Questions

Before accepting an offer to serve on a board, a prospective director should ask a few key questions. The organization’s executive director and nominations committee should be armed with the answers:

Crisis Communications: Four Things Your Board Needs to Know

It’s not enjoyable to focus on the negative things that could happen to your organization, but it is the responsible thing for board leaders to do.

4 Ways Gossip Hurts Your Community

Gossip is harmful in all organizations

Communication Preferences of the President Elect

Use this list of questions for a discussion between the president-elect and the chief staff person to ensure smooth communications and understands from the onset. Break it down into general communications, committee involvement, travel preferences and calendar requirements.

Promoting cooperatives

More than a decade ago, in 2002, the ILO’s tripartite International Labor Conference adopted the Promotion of Cooperatives Recommendation (No. 193), a landmark international policy guideline, which provides a modern framework for cooperatives. Since its adoption, close to 100 countries have made use of the Recommendation to revise and develop their cooperative policies and laws.

Life Cycle Of A Public Charity Sample Organizing Documents.

Life Cycle Of A Public Charity Sample Organizing Documents.

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