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Directors and Officers (D&O)

Specifically, this booklet is designed to help ANI and NIAC nonprofit members understand some of the most basic coverages provided by directors and officers insurance and to help ANI and NIAC nonprofit members avoid lawsuits against their board members and organizations when possible.

Cooperative Directors Liability Exposure:

Serving as a member of a cooperative Board of Directors often comprises an experience mixed with rewards and anxieties. Such service, after all, fulfills the basic democratic premise that cooperatives are owned and controlled by the very patrons they are destined to serve.

Insurance Check-up

In these days of economic distress, insurance companies are facing the same plight as other sectors of business. Like financial institutions, many insurance firms have gone under, stranding their customers with enormous unfunded exposure. For this reason, it has become more important than ever to conduct a periodic review of the Co-op' s insurance policies.

Surprising Claims Covered By Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy

Meteors? Earthquakes? Dog Bite? Riots? Our quiz has the answers

Confused Over Insurance? 5 Common Questions

Insurance can be confusing for just about anyone who doesn't deal with it on a dailly Basis

Condo & Townhome Insurance.

If you do not understand condo and townhome insurance. The good news is there are some steps you can take to help you better understand the level of coverage a association is supposed to be providing versus what the home owner should be providing.

Four Steps to ensure Comprehensive Insurance

It’s easy to treat the process of creating a comprehensive insurance plan as just another to-do list task. But for board members, it’s a crucial undertaking for fully protecting their associations for two overarching reasons: their duty of care and their duty of loyalty.

Insurance Pitfalls

When purchasing insurance for single-family homes or apartment dwellings, consumers usually purchase very broad and inclusive policies that are relatively simple to shop for. Cooperative housing, in contrast, divides insurance risks among several individuals and entities through multiple insurance policies affording fairly specific coverages.

Project Insurance Requirements FAQs

These FAQs are intended to help sellers and servicers understand and implement the property, flood, and liability insurance requirements for projects, and related requirements for individual units in condo, co-op and planned unit development (PUD) projects, including HO-6 coverage

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