Should I Join The Board

The existing board needs to put its mind to what is expected of new members, including what characteristics are needed on the board and the nature of the commitment. Look at effective board recruitment as part of the continuous effort to inform and listen to the community. You want to educate candidates about your organization and the board’s role and even if they do not say yes to your request this year, they might be interested in the future.


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Developing a Board Recruitment Process

This article is intended for the volunteers and sta€ of small membership organizations that are new to board recruitment or looking to refresh an existing process. We’re not board experts, but we’ve gathered some advice and tips from others in the eld that are - in order to develop an overview of a basic 4-step board recruitment process to get you started.

How Do I Find New Leaders?

Whether seeking directors for the Board Volunteers for committee or industry leader to serve on allied boards. The critical step is to ASK. Nearly every volunteer remembers who flattered them with the question, 'Would you accept a leadership role in our organization.

Your Board Recruitment Package

Here are some tips on what to include in your board’s recruitment package that you give to prospective board members. A decision to join a board is an important one. You want candidates to be well informed about the organization and have given their commitment considerable thought before they agree to serve.

Should I Accept an Invitation to Serve

In membership organizations, the board of directors is charged with governance. Directors are expected to fulfill their fiduciary duties in representing the profession and advancing the mission.

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