Strategic Planning

We recommend the organization identify 3-5 strategic goals to be achieved over the next 3 years. Any more and the plan can become unmanageable. Depending upon the resources available to the organization, an organization may want to focus on only three goals over the next three years. Goal statements should state the goal, performance metric, and time frame for achieving the goal)


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A five-Step Decision-Making Process

How often do we find ourselves jumping to a conclusion about the best way forward when we have not looked at all the facts, or even clarified that we all agree what the problem is?

5 Year Strategic Plan

In this plan, we have identified five themes that cut across each of the four focus areas we have outlined: identity, growth, membership, efficiency and diversity. While each of the focus areas provides us a with a specific and tactical place to direct our attention and effort in the coming years, the themes that cut through these areas provide a picture of the larger, high-level issues that are at the core of the strategic questions facing the Co-op.

Creating a Shared Vision

The world is such a changeable place that you need to have a well-articulated long-term sense of where you’re going, which gives you the base, the confidence, to take on whatever adaptability issues come along without losing your sense of direction. You’ve got to respond to the issues of the moment without losing that long-term sense”.

How To Prepare Your Community For 2020

While these numbers continue to grow, the landscape and demands of community associations also shift. As a board member, it’s your responsibility to adapt to these changes and prepare your community for a stronger, better future.

Implementing the Strategic Plan

Implementing the Strategic Plan Chart

Strategic Planning Terminology

Awareness of planning terminology is key at the onset so that participants agree upon the common words and phrases. Chart

Implementing the Strategic Plan

The planning retreat is an important activity for every organization. During the retreat enthusiasm builds for new programs and growth schemes.

Cleared for Takeoff!

The planning retreat has ended. Everyone was enthusiastic about the new direction and ideas. But as the planning team returns to their offices --- most forget their commitment to the new strategic plan.

False Starts - 13 Ways to Blow Strategic Planning

A few boards consider planning an expensive process. Others fear the group hugs and games that characterize some retreats. Even the boards that have budgeted for planning often delay it a year or more.

State of Cooperative Innovation Report

We are pleased to provide you with our latest research on the State of Corporate Innovation. Today we are in uncertain times, where innovation can be a critical competency in everyone’s economic recovery and growth. What we’ve found, however, is innovation remains largely under-resourced, so there is a gap between what innovation can offer, and what individual companies can leverage through their own programs.

Strategic or Tactical Board?

The board meets for the purpose of governance. Governance is described by most state corporate statutes as adherence to policies or governing documents and the continuous monitoring of their implementation. The principal duties of a board include advancing the mission, protecting assets and serving the membership.

Championing the Strategic Plan

The board wrapped up its retreat, drafted a strategic plan and intended to officially adopt it at the next meeting. That’s often where plans die. Upon adjournment of the retreat busy schedules take over. The plan is shelved or filed. The saying, “out of sight, out of mind” applies.

Commitment to the Strategic Plan

Respect for the mission statement and set goals --- avoiding “mission drift” where discussions and proposals simply don’t fit in the strategic plan (lack of resources, trying to be all things to all people, etc.)

Implementing the Strategic Plan

The planning retreat is an important activity for every organization. During the retreat enthusiasm builds for new programs and growth schemes.

Strategic Planning Meeting Strategic Execution

The strategic plan is nearly as important as the governing documents. In the hierarchy of documents a strategic plan ranks fifth The absence of a plan can be detrimental achieving the mission.

Your Strategic Plan Needs A Champion

The board wrapped up its retreat, drafted a strategic plan and intended to officially adopt it at the next meeting. That's often where plans die. Upon adjournment of the retreat, busy schedules take over. The plan is shelved or filed. The saying "out of sight, out of mind" applies. There are many reasons a plan might fail, including transition of officers, an unwieldy plan, a board unaware of its importance or an officer more interested in building a legacy.

Strategic Plan Sherpa

The board held a retreat every few years. Directors described it as valuable and a way to meet other members. Though a plan strategic plan was developed, come Monday morning nobody gave the plan much thought. It went on the shelf with the other plans.


The University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) was established over 100 years ago in 1912 and celebrated its centenary in 2012. The Faculty is the oldest

Transforming the Strategic Plan

The attached samples are contributions from the ASAE listserv and other sources. They depict the translation of a board’s strategic goals into a staff business or action plan.

From Tactical to Strategic Thinking

This training workshop is intended to provide Cooperatives (Board & Staff) with guidance on where to begin, how to get started, and ultimately to develop a Strategic Plan. It will explore all variables both personal and professional; emotional and analytical; internal and external; present and future to drive the direction of the Cooperative’s true vision.

After the Strategic Planning Retreat

After the retreat a summary report is prepared. Follow these steps for implementation

Enhance cooperatives long term success through strategic Planning

In order to enhance the inherent potential of cooperatives to support society’s move towards global socio-ecological sustainability, they need to plan strategically. Strategic planning with this goal in mind requires organisations to describe and identify steps towards a desired future. The research team set out to provide practical and context-appropriate guidance to cooperatives, describing opportunities to use strategic planning in the starting-up phase in support of their long-term success.

Strategic Planning Process

“An organization needs a road map to reach its destinations. A strategic plan guides volunteer leaders, committees and staff to fulfill the mission, vision and goals

Strategic Planning Handbook for Cooperatives

This handbook presents a method for facilitating the strategic planning process. Facilities, personnel, and equipment associated with the process are described. A description of “brainstorming” is given along with rules for conducting such sessions.

Strategic Planning Pitfalls

Assume you're at the retreat and during the first hour you see the board chairman glaring at you; you notice a few members doodling; and the exec­utive officers are looking at you with angst. You interpret their body language correctly as, "Don't you know the value of our time?" As the CEO you wonder if strategic planning (or the facilitator) was a mistake.

Repurpose the SWOT

“SWOTs suck!” It’s a direct quote by an association executive in a class discussing strategic planning. I may have agreed, probably smiled, but I would not have said it quite like that. SWOT is a euphemism for a process to analyze the environment affecting an organization. The acronym stands for STRENGTHS, WEAKNESSES, OPPORTUNITIES and THREATS.

Strategic Planning Terminology Chart

Strategic Planning Terminology Chart 1 Page

Strategic Planning Terminology Chart 2 Page

Awareness of planning terminology is key at the onset so that participants agree upon the common words and phrases.

Strategic Planning Toolkit

A strategic plan serves as a roadmap for an organization. “Without a plan the board and staff may wander aimlessly from project to project, simply putting out fires.” The election term or year advances quickly. A plan keeps efforts on track to advance the mission and serve the members.

Strategic Planning for Public Relations

This book provides an in-depth approach to public relations planning, more comprehensive than can be found anywhere else. It is built on a step-by-step unfolding of the planning process most often used in public relations, with explanations, examples and exercises that combine to guide students toward a contemporary understanding of the profession.

Strategic Plan

The accompanying strategic plan builds upon PEC’s strong foundation by positioning the cooperative for continued success within an evolving industry. In this plan, set in place through 2020, I am confident that our members can clearly identify the steps we are taking to ensure that we maintain the exceptional service they have come to expect. As the industry adjusts, this strategic plan will serve as a guide to help keep our cooperative operating at the highest possible level.

Strategic Planning Resources

The strategic plan is the board’s roadmap or GPS1. Nearly every discussion and decision should be framed by the mission and goals. It is not a document to create at a retreat only to be shelved to collect dust. The plan communicates value to members. It directs committees. It guides successive boards of directors to stay the course and advance the mission.

Terminology and Methodology of Strategic Planning

Nearly every organization relies on a strategic plan. It’s a multiyear roadmap focusing energy on gaining achievements. Without a plan, day-to-day administrative tasks become priority. Significant goals are seldom reached. Mission creep may occur without focus on mission and vision.

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