As the person chosen by your organization to serve in the important position of treasurer, you should have a good working knowledge of parliamentary procedures. Your organization has chosen you for your financial integrity and accounting ability. You are the official keeper of their funds and trustee of their accounts. When large sums of money are involved, you and the other officers who handle funds should be bonded. ‘‘the fee for bonding should be paid for by the organization for its protection from loss.


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Achieving Success As Treasurer

Training does not end with the training session. It is a process that continues throughout an officer’s term. Let your trainees know the area governor and district leaders are all available to help if questions arise during their term of office, and provide them with area and division governor contact information for their respective clubs.

Basic for Board Treasurer

Basics For Board Treasurers is a sesswn on the basic financial aspects of operating a cooperative housing company. It is designed for new treasurers and other board members who want a basic understanding of the financial operations of their co-op. It touches on the following major topics


As a training facilitator, it’s important not to overwhelm club officers. Be sure to impart to them that support is close at hand. Their fellow club officers, district leaders, and the staff at World Headquarters are all available and eager to assist them.

I’m the Treasurer

Treasurer’s Checklist to

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